AnArchy TV @EM Chill (3/3/11)

Improvised free jazz is definitely not for everyone. This fact was emphasized by the few audience members who walked out after it became clear that the explosive cacophony of sax, trumpet, clarinet and drums was not merely an ear shattering intro but the start of a full blown performance.

But not being such an expert (to say the least) in this experimental genre I was determined to stick with it and see just where the group, featuring well respected artist Mazen Kerbaj, were heading with this show.

At first the cataclysm of sharp sounds felt abrasive, if not nightmarish, evoking the feeling of rushing around your apartment intensely hungover at 7am in search for you keys. But soon the individual notes began to mesh, leaving the overall sensation of being rocked in many directions at once, pummelled even, by a schizophrenic masseuse with an eardrum fetish.

This style of music, at least to uneducated heathens like myself, will always have patches that seem as though all members of the group are playing different songs at different tempos. But the spectacle of watching 4 musicians managing to create such an intricate landscape of sound whilst appearing as if none of them have a clue what the others are doing is something quite special indeed.


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