Beirut Street Fashion pt1 Habib

Habib – Taxi Driver 56

Habib knows he is one hot bitch.

So tell us about your wake up routine

Its takes me about an hour to get ready each morning. You’ve got to look good when you pick up as many people a day as I do. While I am having a coffee I do my morning exercise of beeping my car horn repeatedly for about 20 minutes. It’s important to stay in shape.

Your style is unique because…

I prefer customized 35 year-old cloth shirts. The way my wife stitches up the holes in the armpits makes me really stand out from the crowd. I see other drivers checking me out when I stop to fill up the cab with gas and I know they’re wishing they could pull off a look like mine. Some people just have it.

To shave or not to shave?

The moustache actually came with the 1950s Mercedes but I make sure that I comb it downwards with my finger nails 100 times after a shower to get that lip-hugging volume. I like to think I have taken it to the next level with the grey bristle that curls up at the sides.

Any skincare secrets?

My complexion requires me to smoke at least 60 counterfeit cigarettes per hour, but we all have our little vices. I also treat myself a manou’she-wrapper face mask at least once a week to ease away the stress of shouting obscenities at other drivers all day.

Your perfect passenger

Anyone with no baggage who just wants to ride and ride…


by Beirut Beat


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