Jean Paul Catre Catnapped!

Kat Moss: Loves Babycham

This is an urgent appeal.

Beirut Beat’s Creative Director in Chief Jean Paul Catre has been imprisoned!

The notorious transgender gangster Kat Moss is suspected of the abduction.

The word on Twitter is that Kat  Moss will torture Jean Paul Catre by playing Enya records and then, when his spirit is broken, will force him to sell roses outside Dany’s in Hamra.

Donations towards his ongoing rescue operation can be made here.

Jean Paul Catre: Invented the iPad.


One response to “Jean Paul Catre Catnapped!

  1. S/he will be found and Jean Paul will be liberated. As long as they have not slipped into Syria. If they have, well… May Assad have mercy on their souls.

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