Beirut Beat Podcast #1 All at sea

This is how you all look in my head.

The Beirut Beat podcast has arrived!

This week we have a nautical theme. Apologies for the mic quality but it was windy on that boat.

It is downloadable too, so you can listen to it on your ipods whilst you are shopping for zaatar  getting minor plastic surgery on your weird ankles.

Track listing to come later.



3 responses to “Beirut Beat Podcast #1 All at sea

  1. Disclaimer – I obviously don’t own the rights to any of this music and my sole intention is to promote the songs because I really like them. Sony didn’t agree when they removed the podcast from youtube because it has a track by John Martyn. I am not making any money from this and neither is John Martyn on account of the fact that he is dead.

  2. the song at 3:17 blew my mind away. suffice to say, i looked up the lyrics and came across Alela Diane. by far my new favourite artist. thank you!

  3. That is exactly the reason I made this thing. Excellent stuff. I shall be posting another one shortly. Whenever I remember where my house keys are…

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